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55 PrimeLending Originators Recognized Among Top Women Originators for 2020

Dallas, TX – (May 1, 2021) – PrimeLending, a national mortgage lender, is pleased to announce that 55 PrimeLending loan originators have earned Top Women Originator awards from The Scotsman Guide. In addition, four loan originators from PrimeLending affiliates were also recognized among the best.

Congratulations to the following mortgage professionals who made Scotsman Guide’s Annual Top Women Originators(Link opens in a new tab) list. Across the country, these outstanding professionals are leading the way in providing phenomenal service to our customers.

PrimeLending (NMLS: 13649)

  • Lisa Nicholas, Branch Manager (NMLS: #113687)
  • Amanda McCall, Loan Originator (NMLS: #659241)
  • Diane Clark, Branch Manager (NMLS: #76844)
  • Devyn Alexander, Production Manager (NMLS: #482904)
  • Kelli Beckel, Branch Manager (NMLS: #73384)
  • Fay Hamadanchy, Production Manager (NMLS: #221329)
  • Chris Nelson-Orcutt, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #34404)
  • Angie Mata-Ramirez, Production Manager (NMLS: #457547)
  • Sharon Crockett, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #114230)
  • Natalie Reid-Loudan, Loan Originator (NMLS: #187481)
  • Erin Moore, Production Manager (NMLS: #177569)
  • Carolyn Carnie, Branch Manager (NMLS: #11676)
  • Jillian Heuer, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #409980)
  • Gloria Price, Loan Originator (NMLS: #179699)
  • Liz Ciardi, Loan Originator (NMLS: #455129)
  • Wendy Kotowske, Branch Manager (NMLS: #194641)
  • Lindsey Frazier, Loan Originator (NMLS: #662154)
  • Kathy York, Production Manager (NMLS: #298978)
  • Julie Howell, Loan Originator (NMLS: #176775)
  • Andrea Clark, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #173601)
  • Ruthann Sharpe, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #440663)
  • Katie Gaumer, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #180250)
  • Sharon McCormick, Loan Originator (NMLS: #176542)
  • Joyce Ballmann, Loan Originator (NMLS: #641527)
  • Kelly McGuinness, Branch Manager (NMLS: #99282)
  • Erica Howard, Production Manager (NMLS: #701999)
  • Amanda Mock, Loan Originator (NMLS: #1107052)
  • Lisa Shepard, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #162370)
  • Cindi Pegg, Production Manager (NMLS: #653687)
  • Cynthia Solis, Branch Manager (NMLS: #633483)
  • Susan Papageorges, Production Manager (NMLS: #348527)
  • Amanda Torgerson, Production Manager (NMLS: #1083564)
  • Sabrina Schmitt, Production Manager (NMLS: #490033)
  • Michelle Kaufmann, Loan Originator (NMLS: #367684)
  • Angela Demaris, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #403692)
  • Susanna Ruder, Loan Originator (NMLS: #684806)
  • Yvette Youngs, Loan Originator (NMLS: #377280)
  • Alexis Farrar, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #283785)
  • Kenia Costa, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #536257)
  • Diane Balsamo Gonzales, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #482962)
  • Cheryl Sutcliffe, Production Manager (NMLS: #450744)
  • Sara Wong, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #592051)
  • Diane Castro, Loan Originator (NMLS: #642533)
  • Phyllis McDaniel, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #594127)
  • Patti Click, Loan Originator (NMLS: #716314)
  • Angela Deaton, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #76783)
  • Desiree LeBleu, Loan Originator (NMLS: #176992)
  • Jennifer Orner, Loan Originator (NMLS: #195774)
  • Katie Colberg, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #439621)
  • Brenda Stifter, Loan Originator (NMLS: #281080)
  • Brianna Purdy, Associate Loan Originator (NMLS: #1613479)

Highland HomeLoans(Link opens in a new tab) (NMLS: 124684)

  • Amy Crowell, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #5326239)
  • Amanda LeBoeuf, Production Manager (NMLS: #208901)
  • Lindsay Bruce, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #212543)
  • Jaquel Burns, Sr. Loan Originator (NMLS: #287244)

This is the third year Top Women Originator awards were presented by The Scotsman Guide and were based on high total loan volumes in 2020.

"We’re proud to have so many talented mortgage professionals included on this prestigious list yet again,” said PrimeLending Chief Production Officer Tim Elkins. “Across the country, we’re stronger because of the leadership and inspiration of these accomplished women.”

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