Home Maintenance Checklist

If you stay on top of regular home maintenance tasks, you’ll avoid costly repairs and protect your property. Here’s a home maintenance checklist that you can use to remind yourself of tasks to complete on a monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually and as-needed basis.


· Check smoke detectors
· Check toilet flappers for signs of leaking (replace as needed)
· Clean bathroom exhaust fans and ceiling fans
· Clean behind refrigerator and refrigerator coils
· Clean out the refrigerator
· Clean the dishwasher using a commercial dishwasher cleaner
· Dust baseboards and blinds
· Inspect sprinklers (set each station to run and note problems to repair)
· Replace air conditioning filters
· Vacuum air vents and air returns
· Vacuum draperies and upholstered furniture using upholstery tool


· Clean out the freezer
· Clean oven
· Clean the cook-top range hood exhaust filters
· Clean the washing machine
Directions: Fill the washer with hot water and 1 quart of chlorine bleach – no detergent. Allow the washer to run through its longest wash and spin cycle. Immediately fill the washer with hot water again and add 1 quart white vinegar. Run the longest wash and spin cycle again.


· Check first-aid kit and family medicine cabinet, throw out expired medicines and replace as needed
· Clean light shades and light fittings using vacuum and brush tool
· Clean out the pantry
· Flip and rotate mattresses
· Pressure wash exterior of house
· Shampoo carpets
· Vacuum under bed, vacuum box springs and mattresses
· Wash exterior side of windows and sills


· Drain hot water heater, flush and refill
· Have dryer vent checked and cleaned
· Clean underneath heavier household furniture
· Replace batteries in smoke detectors
· Replace mattress pads
· Replace sleeping pillows, if needed
· Sort through bookshelves
· Sort through the filing cabinet or filing system
· Stock up on water filters, air conditioning filters, batteries and light bulbs

As Needed

· Clean gutters and downspouts
· Install or remove exterior faucet insulation or covers
· Re-seal stone countertop
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