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By Scott Bristol, PrimeLending President

In November 2013, we learned that PrimeLending was ranked No. 6 among the large companies listed in The Dallas Morning News’ 2013 Top 100 Places to Work competition. This is the second year in a row we have been voted a top place to work by our employees, and we are excited to have made the list again.

Being voted a top place to work has got me thinking about what makes PrimeLending a great place at which to work. Are there any consistent characteristics among top employers? Here are my thoughts on what makes a company a great place to work.

1. A noble cause. There must be a compelling reason for your teammates to want to get out of bed and come to work beyond the paycheck alone. I enjoy working for PrimeLending because, at the end of the day, we are helping people achieve the dream of homeownership.

2. A clearly articulated vision. I think it’s important for a company to have a published vision that outlines why continuing to work there will make your life better instead of going to work somewhere else.

3. Caring management. Senior management should truly care as much or more about their employees’ development as their own.

4. Open-door policy. A culture of open communication is key. From the receptionist to the national sales manager, no one should feel discouraged or forbidden to reach out directly to the CEO with questions, comments, suggestions or complaints. There should be zero fear of retaliation.

5. Customer focus.Executive management should proactively and regularly reach out to the team members who interact with customers to determine what changes need to be made to better serve the customer.

6. Service beyond expectations. Your team without fail should look for opportunities to add value beyond your traditional product or service to the customer.

7. Honesty and integrity. Your team should feel empowered to do the right thing every time, even when no one is looking.

8. “All in” attitude. Every team member is responsible for process improvement and innovation.

9. Work/life balance. Family first. Get your job done well so that you can experience important life moments with your friends and family without the burden of set hours.

10. No finger pointing. Teammates should be slow to accept praise and quick to accept responsibility and own the results. It’s okay to make a mistake. Admit it, offer a solution and learn from it.

11. Hire and retain the best.  “A” players want to work with other “A” players.

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