Your Data Security

Your Security Matters

While getting approved for your home loan, you will be providing sensitive personal and financial information. PrimeLending takes your data security very seriously. That’s why we created an online application system that is simple, secure and convenient to use from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Secure Submit: Apply the Simple, Safe Way

We follow a 360-degrees approach to closely monitor and secure every step of the online application process, both internally and externally.

What You Can Do Online

You can manage every step and save time by using our secure online system to apply.

However, you have some control over several key factors your lender will take into consideration to determine the interest rate on your loan.

Important Security Steps You Should Take

You have a critical role to play in making sure your personal data stays safe.

As your trusted lender, you can count on PrimeLending to take care of your private personal information. If you have any questions about data security or the best way to submit your information, contact your Loan Officer.