Brian Liebann & Mark Worthington
Production Manager & Branch Manager
Bend, OR
NMLS: 249643 | NMLS: 293239

Bend, Oregon loan officers Mark Worthington and Brian Liebman both achieved elite-level production goals while working for a regional player. So why did Mark and Brian decide to raise the stakes and blaze a new trail as part of the PrimeLending family? Simply put, to offer their clients, business partners and team more – as in more home loan programs and borrower options, better processes and support, and new opportunities to grow and pursue success. With 50-state licensing and more than 400 home loan programs, including 18 renovation products and countless niche programs, their branch is growing at a record pace. Never missing a step since joining PrimeLending, the team reached profitability in less than 90 days and quickly staked their claim as the premier mortgage lender in central Oregon.

Kelli Beckel

Kelli Beckel: Using Technology to Provide Next Level Service
Branch Manager/Sr. Loan Officer, Melbourne, FL
NMLS: 73384

Kelli Beckel and her branch in Melbourne, Florida continue to increase market share and overall volume because of their unique ability to streamline the customer’s home loan process — anytime, anywhere. That’s because PrimeLending affords her the opportunity to take advantage of industry-leading technology tools that create a one-of-a-kind experience for her customers and business partners. As a self-proclaimed “tech guru,” Kelli utilizes PrimeLending’s digital mortgage process to educate homeowners while guiding them from application to closing seamlessly and efficiently. PrimeLending’s technology also allows Kelli to attend her son’s athletic events and extracurricular activities without worry, as she’s able to assist a borrower in moments from the palm of her hands.

Mike and Jeff Philibin

Mike and Jeff Philibin: Opened 4 Branches in Under 90 Days
Branch Managers, Johnstown, PA
NMLS: 418684, NMLS: 408773

When Pittsburgh-area loan officers and brothers Mike and Jeff Philibin decided to leave “big bank” mortgage last year, they were looking for a company that shared their commitment to first class customer service. The light at the end of their tunnel was PrimeLending. They moved full steam ahead to open 4 branches in less than 90 days and assemble a lineup of elite producers. Mike, Jeff and their team quickly realized they were on the right track – everyone at PrimeLending, from processors and underwriters to closers and corporate supporters, were focused on finding ways to help each customer win. More than a year later, the team is continuing to make headway as Western Pennsylvania’s premier lender one satisfied homeowner at a time.

Chad Thompson

Chad Thompson: Local Expertise and Loads of Options For Your Locals
Production Manager, Spirit Lake, IA
NMLS: 488230

Chad Thompson likes to work hard and play hard. That’s one of the main reasons he decided to settle in Spirit Lake, Iowa, nestled in the heart of Iowa’s Great Lakes region. When it comes to outdoor activities, Iowans in this community have limitless year-around options, from fishing to biking to water sports and more. But their choices for a local mortgage provider were limited to programs offered by a traditional bank. That is until Chad decided to open a PrimeLending branch in 2015, offering the community more choice and guidance from a true home loan expert.

Chad and his team know that in home loans, one size does NOT fit all. From VA loans to FHA programs to conventional products, the challenge isn’t finding one option, but narrowing down several choices to find the best fit for each homeowner.

What makes Chad most proud about his business? Helping first-time homebuyers or borrowers with unique circumstances find a good solution and have the opportunity to plant their own roots in the community he loves.

Huy Nguyen

Huy Nguyen: Tripled the Size of his Branch Last Year
Branch Manager, Westminster, CA
NMLS: 483919

Huy Nguyen has enthusiasm that puts things in motion. Since joining PrimeLending as a Loan Officer, Huy has seized every opportunity to grow. As soon as he reaches one rung, such as production manager, he’s already striving for the next, branch manager. Along the way, he’s built the Westminster Branch in the heart of Little Saigon from the scratch, and has already tripled the number of LOs and production staff in his location. This year he celebrated his success as a member of the PrimeLending elite top performer's club – Power Producers. Welcoming every new opportunity with enthusiasm and grit, who knows how much more Huy and his Orange County team will accomplish in 2017!

Julie Howell

Julie Howell: Balances Elite Production with Raising Young Family
Senior Loan Originator, Plano, TX
NMLS: 176775

For Julie Howell, balancing a thriving business and two growing kids can feel like lyrics to a classic country-western song. On any given afternoon, Julie may be sending a pre-qualification letter, checking on the status of a closing or working with a local real estate agent — all from the sidelines of her daughter’s cheerleading practice.

PrimeLending’s flexible CRM and LOS system make it easy for her to stay in touch and run her business whether she’s in the branch or on the go. The operational support she receives comes in multiples too — with branch-dedicated loan processors, underwriters and closers to work directly with her customers and help keep her closings ahead of schedule.

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson: Last Year, Grew Production by 30% in Hometown
Production Manager, Huntsville, AL
NMLS: 484973

Ben Wilson is banking on Huntsville, Alabama — the perfect mix of natural beauty, progressive enterprises and laid-back living. He’s made a career out of helping others establish roots in his hometown, but his business didn’t really take off until he joined PrimeLending in 2014.

What’s his secret to growing production by 30% last year? Offering a refreshing, stress-free alternative to the slow and red-tape-filled experience traditional lenders provide. It’s the right combination of local expertise, diverse products, a fast digital process and personal service that sets his branch apart. Ben has the freedom and flexibility to build his own team, mentor future leaders and pass on his passion for helping his neighbors.

Sylvia Sanders

Sylvia Sanders: In 2016, Became a “Power Producer” and a Mom
Loan Originator, San Diego, CA
NMLS: 633013

To call 2016 the best year yet for San Diego-based loan originator Sylvia Sanders, may be putting it mildly. Not only did she have the top production year of her career, reaching P3 status, she became a mother, welcoming her first baby to the family. With the support of an in-branch operations team, streamlined processes and virtual productivity tools that make working remotely a snap, Sylvia has discovered she can successfully balance her work and family responsibilities.

Adam Eyre

Adam Eyre: Transitioned from Big Bank without Missing a Step
Production Manager, Campbell, CA
NMLS: 633013

Adam Eyre never does anything halfway, whether closing loans, chasing a soccer ball or starting a family. Adam earned a reputation early on as tenacious and willing to grind out the toughest deals. But when the former professional soccer player and his wife learned triplets were on the way, he knew it was time to shift priorities and make a change.

PrimeLending offered the perfect mix of freedom, flexibility and support for his new responsibilities without losing a step professionally. At the branch or in the field, productivity tools keep Adam organized, informed and effortlessly in control…just like juggling a soccer ball.

George Uribazo

George Uribazo: Leading His Boston Branch in both Spanish and English
Branch Manager, Boston, MA
NMLS: 441894

The son of Cuban immigrants, George Uribazo saw firsthand how buying a home gave his parents a sense of security, pride and freedom. More than 25 years ago, he chose a career in mortgage to open the same doors of opportunity for others. At PrimeLending, George found a company with shared values that would help him serve his community and build his business.

Through PrimeLending, George has the products, processes, and support to offer homeowners truly personal service. With more than 400 home loan programs, including FHA, USDA and other popular first-time options, George can recommend good solutions for virtually every scenario. It’s ‘no problema’ if the borrower only speaks Spanish. Made up of bilingual loan experts, George’s team has experience working with new residents, like his parents.


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