How a HomeStyle1/CHOICE2 Renovation Loan Works

Whether you’re wanting to buy a fixer-upper on the market or you’re needing to make updates to your current home, a HomeStyle/CHOICE renovation loan may be the solution for you. This loan type allows you to enhance either property to create your ideal home — while still giving you just one loan with one monthly payment.

That’s because the cost of the updates are rolled into the sales price of the property, so you don’t have to open up any additional lines of credit.

What type of renovations can you make?

  • Interior or exterior upgrades
  • New fence
  • New deck
  • Landscaping
  • In-ground pool

Along with guiding you through our simple renovation process, PrimeLending also handles all payments to the contractor until the work is complete. So, once the loan is closed, work can begin and you can start to see your dream home take shape.

If you’re interested in a HomeStyle/CHOICE renovation loan, contact your local PrimeLending loan officer.