Buyer's AdvantEDGE


Leverage your buying power in today’s competitive market with Buyer’s AdvantEDGE from PrimeLending. Your Buyer’s AdvantEDGE approval letter gives you the power of a cash buyer because your offer is backed by an approved1 loan. With it, you may receive an Appraisal Waiver2, meaning your loan could be approved without the need for a full home appraisal. We can make your offer even more appealing with our Close On Time Guarantee3. If your loan doesn’t close on time, WE will pay the seller $5,000.

buyer's advantedge approval

Buyer's AdvantEDGE Approval 1

Get a step ahead of your competition with a Buyer’s AdvantEDGE approval1 letter. Now you can ensure sellers your offer is as serious as cash in their hands.
appraisal waiver

Appraisal Waiver 2

Stay on track to close with help from an Appraisal Waiver. With an Appraisal Waiver, your home loan could be approved without a full home appraisal report, reducing any bumps in the timeline to closing day.
Close On Time Guarantee

Close On Time Guarantee 3

Nothing says serious like a guarantee. With the Close On Time Guarantee3, you can give sellers confidence that your loan will close on time. If it doesn’t, we will give them $5,000.


PrimeLending, A PlainsCapital Company (“Lender”) offers a Close on Time Guarantee for the mortgage to the BuyersAdvantEDGE Borrower for the specific property and per the specific terms outlined in their official approval letter.

Lender guarantees to close Subject Loan within 21 days of its receipt of the valid sales contract or Settlement Date therein, whichever is later, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. Should Lender not meet the terms of this Guarantee, Lender shall pay the Seller identified in the sales contract $5,000 (Five-thousand dollars) upon written request by the Seller, verification that the terms and conditions were satisfied, and Seller’s providing necessary W-9 information such that Lender may process the payment.

What triggers the starting of the clock?

  • PrimeLending’s receipt of fully executed single family residence sales contract between Seller and Borrower with a closing date at least 21 days from date of receipt and that is not beyond the expiration of date of the approved loan (a “day” is 12:00 am to 11:59 pm local time, Lender does not guarantee a certain closing time).

Conditions & Restrictions

  • Approval
    • All borrowers must be completely underwritten, and have an unexpired Buyers AdvantEDGE Approval at the time of the Sales Contract
    • The approval must not have an expiration date prior to the closing date
  • Borrower must be financing the purchase with FHA or Conventional Loan
  • PrimeLending must have received a valid sales contract between Seller and Buyer
  • Loan and sales contract must be for a single-family primary residence
  • All inspection and appraisal conditions must be satisfied timely
  • Changes to loan program, due to property issues, nullify Guarantee, e.g., house not being able to go FHA of VA due to inspection issues.
  • Material changes to the borrower’s credit and financial profile nullify Guarantee
  • Contingencies added to the original sales contract which cause a delay nullify Guarantee.
  • Void where applicable law or investor requirements impose a mandatory waiting period beyond the guarantee period.
  • Void where the application or loan documents contain fraudulent information, omissions, or material misrepresentations.
  • Valid only on subject property identified in the sales contract.
  • PrimeLending is excused from Guarantee for unforeseen circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to, events that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled, including, but not limited to, fire, flood, storm, pandemic, earthquake, government orders, or terrorist attack.
  • Lender's responsibility for failure to close by the guaranteed date is limited to the $5,000 payment to Seller; PrimeLending is not guaranteeing to cover consequential or other damages for any party.
  • Seller is responsible for any tax liabilities incurred in connection with this program.
  • Depending on the market conditions, average appraisal turn times, and the selected closing date, the Borrower’s election to use the Closing Guarantee program may trigger appraisal rush fees which will be the Borrower’s responsibility.

Exclusions:   The following are excluded from the Guarantee Program: Refinance, VA, Bond, Down payment assistance programs, Renovation or Construction loans, loans with Escrow Holdbacks, Brokered Out loans, unapproved condo projects, Jumbo loans, USDA, investment and unique properties (e.g. earth berms, manufactured homes).